Car modification to make it look cool, here are the tips for you

Before starting to modify a car, friends, of course, have to choose the type of used car that will be modified if you don’t have one yet. Besides budget, there are other factors to consider. One of them is the purpose of using the vehicle. Will it only be used for daily travel, touring, styling, racing, or even for business and selling.

Old sedan car modifications are among the most frequently chosen. Especially the sedans of the 90s which are popular with young Indonesian car lovers. What is clear, make sure the machine is in good condition so you don’t have to spend a lot of money for repairs. Or you can rely on the Car Selection feature, you can get the best quality used car because the car is in excellent condition with low kilometers, the youngest year, and has been inspected.

After choosing the type, maybe you are confused about what to do next. Especially if you are still a beginner. One-one, fall even tacky and not so stylish. No need to worry because there are used car modification tips for car lovers below.

1. Determine the Theme or Concept

The theme or concept needs to be determined before starting used car modification. This is important so that there are no themes that collide with each other and are not even connected to one another. The themes that Friends can choose are very diverse. Starting from racing, sporty, gothic, retro, modern, elegant, or even cute to please your daughter or partner.
This theme can be applied to both exterior and interior. If the racing theme is an option, you can add lines and numbers on the outer body like in racing games or inspiration from movies and various characters. Friends can also get ideas by visiting exhibitions frequently. There are also many Indonesian car lovers who are not stingy in sharing their unique tips and ideas.

2. Estimate Cost & Workshop

The theme is clear, now is the time to estimate the costs you have to spend. As a start, choose a used car modification that is simple and doesn’t require too much money. For example, starting from replacing window film or other accessories. Do a little research for cheaper components.

3. Prepare a List of Required Components

Not only make a list of costs, also prepare a list of components needed. Maybe there are some that are difficult to get in the city of Friends, so you need to order from out of town, even abroad. Remember that ordering components from outside the area can also increase costs. Therefore, prioritize components that are easy to obtain and according to the budget first.

4. Start the Engine

After the preparations are complete, you can start modifying used cars. The first step starts with the engine which is the core of your vehicle. Moreover, used car engines whose performance may have been reduced. It’s just that, be careful if you want to modify the engine that is too extreme because it can lower the selling price.