Tips for Caring for an Automatic Car

If you had to choose, would you choose an automatic or manual car? In fact, many prefer automatic cars. The reason is because it is more practical, learning to drive is also faster, so the presence of this automatic car is really very helpful.

Although it comes with a number of advantages, in fact automatic cars also have a number of weaknesses. One of them is the cost of maintenance which he said is not friendly on the pocket.

So, what are the tips for caring for automatic cars that need to be done so that their performance is always excellent and saves money? Look at the following points.

Warm up the car before use

Warming up the car is a simple thing that is often forgotten by motorists. With the excuse of being in a hurry to go to work or somewhere. In fact, heating the car is quite important so that the engine temperature in the car is maintained, so that the engine is well maintained.

In addition, heating the car is also good so that the circulation of oil in the car engine is spread evenly throughout the engine components. It’s best to turn off the air conditioner before heating the car and make sure the engine warms up in the open.

Warming up the car doesn’t take long. Only 3-10 minutes before the car is used, so the performance of automatic cars is always prime to drive.

Change the oil regularly

Just like clothes that are changed when dirty, so is car oil. Oil needs to be changed to reduce friction in the engine components. An oil change is also great for cleaning any kind of dirt that may have gotten into the engine.

Oil changes should be done regularly, when the distance has reached 20,000 – 25,000 km. For those who often go far, of course, they will change the car oil more often for the sake of the durability of the engine and the car itself.

Change the oil according to the type and type of car. Perform an oil change at the repair shop you trust, so that the results are as expected. Excellent car, you will be more happy to drive it.

Routinely perform services

In addition to changing the oil, it’s also a good idea to do regular servicing to keep the car’s performance primed when used. When should automatic cars be serviced? You can find the answer in the manual.

The book will usually explain all the things that must be considered related to car maintenance. So, take your time to read the manual that you get when you buy a car.

Service is carried out so that the car engine remains durable even though it is taken for long trips. It is very important for those of you who are often out of town for work or business to pay attention.

Pay attention to the trajectory of the car

The trajectory referred to here is the distance traveled by the car as long as it is used for driving. If the trajectory has reached 25,000 km, it means that it is necessary to replace the lubricant or car oil.

So, never let the track continue to grow, but you do not change the lubricant. If the car breaks down in the middle of the trip, who will be overwhelmed? You must be alone.

Information about the trajectory or distance traveled can be seen from the odometer. Pay attention as often as possible because the maximum mileage before changing the oil is 50,000 km.

Use gears properly

Want your favorite car to last longer? It’s a good idea to pay attention to how you use the gear when driving, especially when you’re in a hurry or stuck in traffic. Avoid changing gears when the car has not fully stopped.

For example, at a red light. Should not change gears to “P” when the car has not stopped completely. This habit can unknowingly damage the car engine slowly.

The same applies when you want to park the car. It’s best not to shift gears to “D”, then forcefully turn off the car. This will further accelerate the breakdown of the engine.