Tips to Keep Car Glass Clean Every Day

After recognizing the benefits of insurance, maybe you feel you are keeping your peace of mind just by using cheap car insurance to protect your vehicle. In fact, keeping the windshield clean is also one of the important things to do. Because not once or twice a car accident on the road turned out to be caused by a dirty windshield that prevents your visibility while driving. For that, before starting to drive, making sure the windshield is clean is a routine that should be done. Here are easy tips that you can apply to keep the windshield clean:

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  1. Wipe using microfiber Instead of using a feather duster, you should use a soft cloth to clean the surface of the windshield. Removing dust with a feather duster will only leave marks on the glass and ‘move’ the dust because the dust will stick to other parts. It’s better to use a clean microfiber cloth to keep the glass clean.
  2. Check the condition of the rubber wiper It turns out that the wiper rubber is also influential in maintaining cleanliness of the glass, you know. Rubber wipers that have been damaged and hardened can actually cause scratches on the glass surface when used. For that, if the condition of the rubber wiper is not optimal in sweeping the water in the glass, you should immediately replace it, yes. Because instead of helping to clean, the damaged wiper rubber can actually make the glass scratched.
  3. Clean immediately when there are stains Car windshield exposed to bird droppings or water splashes? Clean it immediately and don’t wait for it to dry. The longer it is left, the stain will harden and will be more difficult to remove. So, immediately take your microfiber cloth and clean it until the stain disappears completely.
  4. Keep the glass does not mold One of the causes of fungus is easy to grow is the habit of letting rainwater dry by itself on the glass surface. This glass fungus if it has grown will be very difficult to remove and can be dangerous because it can interfere with your vision while driving. Therefore, after the car is exposed to rain, immediately dry the glass by wiping it using a dry cloth. That way, even glass mold won’t grow there.

Some of the ways above you can apply to keep your favorite car glass clean. When the glass is clean, driving will feel even more comfortable because there is no dirt blocking you. May be useful!