A Guide to Vehicle Wrapping: 5 Facts You Should Learn : Automotive Addicts

If you are looking into ways to make your old car look like a new shiny attractive vehicle, there are other methods to do so other than applying a fresh coat of paint. It can be an amazing feeling to have an everyday car that makes people’s heads turn. For a less expensive alternative to repainting, car owners opt for car wrapping to improve the aesthetics of their vehicles.

Before implementing vehicle wrapping into your automobile, consider some basic information about vinyl wrapping. This article will discuss five facts you should learn before using vehicle wrapping.

1. Still Requires Proper Maintenance

If you want your vehicle to look amazing for a long while, it is essential to take care of it, even if it is vinyl-car-wrapped. Like getting paint jobs, getting a car wrap still needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained. With vehicle wraps, it is usually a general rule that the car should be hand washed only and not taken to an automatic car wash.

It is recommended to clean your car once a week with cleaning materials specific to vinyl wraps. While hand washing may seem very tiring and time-consuming, it will be worthwhile as it can keep your vinyl car wrap looking new and let its lifespan run longer. If you want high-quality vinyl wraps that will last long, you can go to car wrap Melbourne for professional car wrapping services.

2. Wraps are Available in Any Design

If you opt for the vinyl wrapping route, your design choices are endless. Picking a design, you are satisfied with can become a hard task to accomplish, as your imagination can run loose with the variety of options available. Aside from the massive collection of standard-colored vinyl wraps, other options include special effects like carbon fiber, flames, camouflage, and other effects.

3. You Can Wrap Any Vehicle

Car wrapping is not limited to a specific type of vehicle. As long as the material is a high-quality vinyl wrap, this can stick to any smooth, undented surface. This means that you can choose to wrap any vehicle you desire as long as it is clean and free from major dents. If you have an old and vintage car to which you’d like to give a new life, car wrapping can be the way to go.

4. Serves as Protection for Paint

If one of the things you fear when owning an expensive car with one of the best paint jobs is getting it damaged, car wrapping can help cover the paint job and protect it. Vinyl car wraps do the opposite of damaging your vehicle’s paint job; they will act as a shield for the paint from harmful elements, such as extreme weather exposure and debris.

5. Easy Way to Promoting Business

A car is one of the many things people see on the streets, so having your vehicle wrapped with a special design that advertises your business can be an easy way to promote it. Driving around the city with a car wrapped with brand logos, slogans, and other advertising techniques is a great way to promote a business successfully.


Car wraps are undeniably a great alternative to getting a fresh coat of paint for your car to give it a new and dazzling appearance. It is important to know the essentials of car wrapping to grasp what is needed to ensure you get the best possible outcome when getting a vinyl car wrap. These five facts are definitely some things you should consider when vehicle wrapping.