The Correct Way to Clean Car Windows

There are many ways to clean windshields, depending on the problem with them, as well as the tools used. Car glass is a vehicle component that must be cleaned regularly. If the windshield is clean, it will look good and be safe when driving. There are many ways to clean car windows depending on the problem with it.

Car glass maintenance must also be done with the help of tools as needed. Is the car glass just dirty, greasy, moldy, scratched or damaged.

To find out how to clean the vehicle’s glass properly, see each explanation of the steps below.

How to clean the inside of the car glass

Dirt on car parts can be caused by many factors. Starting from dust, dirty water splashed on the road, mold, oil, and so on. If it is not cleaned immediately, it is feared that this dirt will cause new problems later. Not only the appearance of the car is disturbed, these components can also be problematic.

The parts that are prone to getting dirty are the outside of the car such as car windows, mirrors, and car windows. That’s because these parts are easily exposed to dirt from the outside. Of course, you not only have to clean the outside, but the interior must always be cleaned. Dirty exterior windshield can be cleaned using water and soap with a cloth or cloth. Likewise with the inner glass, use a clean, damp cloth to clean the dirt in the first step. Then clean with a dry cloth after the car glass is doused with clean water.

For the water used is highly recommended in the form of warm water so that the dirt that sticks is easily lost. If it’s gone, rinse the windshield again with clean plain water. In the next step, please rub a dry cloth on the inside or outside of the car glass that has been washed. Avoid using a glass cleaner to clean the windshield. Most car glass materials are made of window film, while glass cleaners contain solvents that can damage the film on the windshield and make it stretchy. Just use a clean cloth in the form of a cloth or chamois.

How to Clean Oily Car Glass

Oily car windshield will be very annoying to the driver. A layer of oil can appear on the windshield, car windows, and rear view mirrors. The average cause of oily car windows is air pollution around.

How to clean car windows with this condition is quite easy. The first step, wash the oily car glass until clean using clean water. Use a damp cloth to help remove the oil. After the glass looks clean, dry it and use a dry cloth to clean the glass until there is no residual water attached.

The next step is to spray the car glass cleaner evenly. You can also use liquid soap that has been mixed with clean water or buy a special car cleaning fluid. After that, clean with the help of a damp cloth or cloth until it is completely clear. After cleaning the windshield with cleaning fluid, wait about 15 minutes for the cleaning fluid to react optimally. If it is enough, please rinse the windshield using clean running water until it looks clean and free of oil.

The last step, after the windshield is rinsed with water and looks clean, then wipe it again using a clean dry cloth so it doesn’t get dirty again. We recommend that you use a microfiber cloth that is specifically for use on cars to keep it safe.

How to clean a moldy car glass

After knowing how to clean the glass on a dirty car, now you must know how to clean the windshield fungus which is often a problem. The cause of moldy car windows is that the interior of the car is rarely cleaned because of the remnants of food on the inside of the car near the glass. Provide a dry cloth to rub the fungus that sticks to the windshield. Rub carefully until the fungus disappears. Avoid using sharp tools made of unsafe materials to remove mold, because the impact will result in damage to the windshield.

If you still have visible mold residue, use sparkling water as a solution. Pour the soda water into a clean cloth, then rub the clean cloth with the soda water slowly on the moldy car windshield until clean. The content in this soda water will fade stubborn fungus.

In addition to soda water, toothpaste can also be used to remove mold on car windows. Just apply toothpaste to the moldy car windshield. Wait for 1 minute then wipe with clean water and wipe with a damp cloth, then wipe with a clean dry cloth.

How to clean car windshield mold can also use tobacco water. First, soak the tobacco leaves in plain water for 20 minutes. After that, dip a clean cloth into the solution and rub it on a cleaned car window. Then, rinse with clean water and rub with a dry cloth.

How to clean a scratched car glass

A scratched car window will definitely spoil the look of the car. The causes include power windows, frequent use of wipers, and glass cleaning tools whose ingredients can damage the car’s glass coating. To restore the condition to its original state, the handling is different depending on the type of scratch. If the windshield has deep scratches, you should only service the car because it needs expert handling. However, if the scratches are thin, you can use some special methods independently at home.

In addition to removing mold, toothpaste can also be used to remove thin scratches on the windshield. The trick, take a little toothpaste and then apply it evenly on the scratched glass. Then, clean with clean water and a cloth or cloth that is still clean.

The second way is to use liquid ammonia. Mix 15 ml of liquid ammonia with half a liter of clean water and mix well. Then take a clean, soft cloth, dip it in the solution, and rub it on the scratched windshield. Do it carefully, and make sure not to be too harsh.

Dirty Car Glass Solutions that are Difficult to Handle

If there are still scratches or dirt that is difficult to remove, maybe you can’t do it yourself, but instead have to go to a repair shop. Leave it to an expert mechanic, and if it can’t be handled due to a severe problem, you should replace the windshield with a new one.

Maintenance in the workshop will be more secure because it is minimal risk. But, you have to spend quite a lot if you really need to replace this important car part. Therefore, always clean and take care of your windshield to avoid unwanted things. Easy tips on how to clean the car glass above properly and correctly you can try to apply. Clean the windshield properly on a regular basis to keep it in good condition.